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Venmo @flowersofcomfort

Flowers of Comfort 2022

Check payable to

Flowers of Comfort

mail to

3297 Pinkerton Dr

San Jose, CA 95148


Vase  Donations

Flowers of Comfort relies on community donations of vases to fulfill our mission. Have medium sized vases to donate? Send email to for drop off locations in Santa Clara County


Flower Donations

Flower of Comfort accepts flower donations from retail locations, weddings, events, sympathy services, in Santa Clara Valley and surrounding areas. Occasionally, we are able to accommodate donations elsewhere in the Bay Area.

 If you have flowers you would like to donate, or have a source we should check out send an email to


Volunteer Your Time

Mondays are Flowers of Comfort day! Contact us at if you live in Santa Clara Valley and would like to learn about our volunteer opportunities.

How To Help: Donate
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