Flowers of Comfort Makes a Difference


Thank you Flowers of Comfort Team. Your dedication during this time of uncertainty has been commendable. When I come into the office and I see the floral arrangements they bring me joy and comfort. I can only imagine what they do for our patients and families. Thank you

Terri Simpson-Tucker, MSN, RN, CNS, CENP

Regional Hospice Administrator-San Jose

Hospice of the Valley

Sutter Care at Home


Ladies of Flowers of Comfort, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for all the joy you and your flowers have brought to our patients and their families this year.  Every delivery has brought so much happiness and tranquility to our office.   We look forward to working with you in the New Year.  Wish you and your families a happy healthy New Year.

Bee Friolo RN
Director of Patient Care Services
Hospice of the Valley

San Jose Branch


Thank you for everything that you do.  Our patients and their families love the arrangements you make.  Last week one of our families used the flower arrangement for the centerpiece for an early thanksgiving celebration.  The patient passed away the next day and the family noted that the flowers added something special to the dinner and made it feel like true thanksgiving celebration with all the fall colors. 

Bee Friolo RN

Director of Patient Care Services

Hospice San Jose Branch


Dear Flowers of Comfort people,

My beloved Mom died, in hospice care, last November, 13 days after being diagnosed with an aggressive, stage 4 metastatic cancer. A week before, she had been a happy, seemingly healthy, independent woman, looking forward to her 93rd birthday that month. It all happened so very fast. We were truly in shock.

Getting her a safe, loving place to stay that we could visit daily, and setting it up for her, happened in a whirlwind of decisions we felt hardly prepared to make. But I remember, her first day there, entering the room in the little care home and seeing that, along with all of Mom's things that we had set up to make her feel at home, was a simply beautiful bouquet of old fashioned pink roses. We didn't know who had sent it. It was you.

I do not know if Mom was ever able to really acknowledge this bouquet. But it made my sister and me feel so comforted. I can't quite say why, but it's beauty and the kindness of the strangers behind it, touched my heart deeply. I made it one of my activities to trim the stems and change the water daily to keep it fresh. 

Anyway, all this is a long way, months later, on finding your card tucked in my pocket, to say thank you. You are angels and the work you do is important. I will always miss my Mom. I will always treasure the last 13 days I spent by her side, with your little flowers at my elbow, a sign of hope, a sign of  humanity, a sign of the frailty and beauty of life. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, 

Claire N.


All the ladies were so thrilled and grateful for the flowers. One 96 year old lady came and told me her first job at age 16 was doing flower arrangements. Receiving them today brought back special memories.

-Home for Seniors

Good morning! Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers that were sent to my husband‘s room. They give me great joy everyday as I visit.  Thank you Flowers of Comfort and Hospice of the Valley for your comfort during this difficult time.

-Hospice of the Valley client

Thank you for delivering flowers to my dad (and all of us).  What a delightful surprise to open my door and be greeted by a kind Hospice of the Valley volunteer with your beautiful flowers.

-L Breen Stickland